About Us
The StrongBuilds Standard

With licensed staff and a Certificate of Authorization commissioned by the Professional Engineers of Ontario (PEO), we are entrusted with performing in a professional and dignified manner, and are accountable for holding our clients and the well-being of the public in high regard.

We utilize experience working with a multitude of contractors, architects and homeowners in efforts to communicate effectively, and aim to never lose sight of the “StrongBuilds Standard”.

Choosing Us

Why StrongBuilds?

Every house has a story, we are happy to be a part of it and will help it stay strong.

At StrongBuilds Engineering Inc., we offer trustworthy solutions in a collaborative approach with our clients. We understand that every project is different.

Not only do we strive for providing quality work, but we work in the best interest of our clients by hearing them out, whether you are a homeowner, designer, or contractor.

Structural engineering is the foundation and most essential element of every project. Our team aims to help build a strong foundation to which you can confidently see your vision come to a reality.

Shady Badran, P.Eng